Facility Dog

“Having a facility dog on campus provides AIM’s highly-trained faculty with yet another tool to use when working with students on a variety of tasks both emotional and academic.”

Kelly Facility Dog4

Nancy Blair, Associate Director AIM Academy

women handler with facility dog at aim academy

“The other day several of my fourth graders were having a difficult time displaying self control… From the minute Kelly joined our group, self control occurred immediately! My group was so well behaved as they

Kelly Facility Dog3

Eryn Doroshow, TeacherAIM Academy

women handler with facility dog at aim academy

“I see students for Speech and Language Therapy who have a lot of anxiety surrounding the act of reading. With one student, I have witnessed her body posture relax, and have heard a positive change

Kelly Facility Dog2

~ Julie Luzier, M.S. CCC-SLPAIM Academy

I had a 4th grade student with me who had a complete melt down out of the blue - crying, clearly frustrated and struggling with many internal emotions. Nothing that I said could calm him

Kelly Facility Dog

Julie Luzier, M.S. CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist and certified facility dog handlerAIM Academy