Scoop: Facility Dog

AIM Academy & Scoop

Facility Dog

Scoop was placed at AIM Academy in Conshohocken in November 2021. She works there every school day helping kids with many different tasks related to learning. She helps in occupational therapy sessions where she assists students working on such skills as mindfulness, core strength, and sequencing. She also aids in speech pathology sessions where she helps students gain confidence while reading and practicing skills related to speaking, writing, and language. In addition, she provides an overall calming presence to students at the school. Whether it’s test anxiety, reading shyness, or managing social interactions, she is there as a resource to encourage and empower the fearless learners of AIM Academy.


“Scoop has brought so much love and joy to our community. She loves to greet students and teachers in the morning, lean in for pets, and has a keen sense of knowing when a student needs a warm hug.”

~ Liz Strauss, Upper School Counselor and Primary Handler



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