Olive: Service Dog

Noa & Olive

Service Dog

Olive was placed as a Service Dog in April 2023 with a young lady named Noa who has Cerebral Palsy and Selective Mutism. Olive helps Noa with mobility and balance when walking and on stairs. In addition, Olive’s presence empowers Noa to direct her words towards her trusted friend, enabling her to share her valuable thoughts and feelings with those around her. 


“Olive is working on helping me with balance and stairs. I love her sweet eyes – they melt me in pieces. Olive makes me feel better when I feel sad.”

~ Noa B., Recipient


“Olive has earned herself a very warm welcome in our home. She does great work boosting Noa’s confidence and empowering her when communicating with new people. She’s incredibly loving and has brought great joy to our family!”

~ Danielle B., Noa’s Mom



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