Nikki: Companion Dog

yellow lab dog

Nikki & Her Little Girl

Companion Dog

Nikki worked as a companion dog for a young girl with anxiety and depression. Upon their first meeting, there was a clear spark between them – while Nikki was friendly with everyone she met, she was usually reserved about playing with new people. Not this time! The two of them took off around the training room, leaping and frollicking together.

At her new home, Nikki slept with her little girl to ease nighttime fears, brought joy to her every day through play and interaction, and actively eased anxiety by performing deep pressure therapy across her girl’s lap. Nikki found her home with her little girl and offered confidence, independence, and friendship to the entire family.

“Our daughter is happier than ever before and laughing like we haven’t heard in forever.” ~Amanda J., mom

In January 2020 Nikki passed away. She was only 5 1/2 years old and the sudden loss was devastating. She was perfectly healthy and showed no signs of sickness until she suddenly fell ill and was diagnosed with late stage liver disease. Her little girl and the entire family felt a tremendous hole in their hearts and their home from Nikki’s absence. They loved her and she loved them for as long as she could.

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