Murphy: Facility Dog

Dr. Lucy Faulconbridge & Murphy

Facility Dog

Murphy was placed as a facility dog with Dr. Lucy Faulconbridge, a Clinical Psychologist in Wayne who treats individuals with weight and eating disorders in February 2020. His presence helps her patients feel more relaxed during sessions and provides an opportunity to practice self-soothing skills. He also showcases his own good health to illustrate the importance of nutrition and exercise. His shiny coat, bright eyes, and white teeth are all worth celebrating!


“During the COVID pandemic I was treating an adolescent patient who became suicidal. As an essential worker Murphy and I were able to see him in person.  Murphy seemed to know instinctively that the patient was very distressed and without any prompt from me he would sit on top of the young man’s feet and put his head on his lap, as though he was grounding him to the Earth and saying “stay here with us.” Murphy often stayed this way for most of the session, much longer than he would typically stay in one position. Murphy’s attachment to the patient kept bringing him back into session, and gave him the strength and love that my patient needed to hang on a bit longer. Again and again I watched Murphy’s presence calm the patient so that over time he could engage in conversations with me, and allow me to do my work. I truly believe that Murphy was integral to saving this young man’s life.”

~Dr. Lucy Faulconbridge, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Murphy’s handler.


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