Louie: Facility Dog

Louie with facility dog handler

The Sparrow Fund & Louie

Facility Dog

Louie works as a facility dog with his handler Kelly Raudenbush of The Sparrow Fund. She is a child and family therapist who works with foster and adopted children who have experienced trauma. Louie joins her in therapy sessions so together they can help many children and families build a feeling of safety and healthy attachments.

“Louie and I had a 3 hour appointment today with adoptive

parents and a little girl who suffered severe abuse before her adoption.

Louie greeted her so gently like he knew her trauma.

At one point, she stood up to work with him, but got nervous.

She put her hand out in a way that was barely noticeable, just to her side.

Louie walked to her and did a visit on her. It wasn’t  a hug, it wasn’t a rest.

He literally laid his head against her belly, looking up at her

face like a standing visit.  She said, ‘Miss Kelly, I think he knew I was scared.'”

~Kelly, Louie’s handler

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