Lou: Service Dog

Sharif and Lou

Service Dog

Lou was placed as a full Service Dog with a young man named Sharif in June 2021. Lou alleviates Sharif’s anxiety both at home and in public by being by his side, interrupting anxious behaviors, and offering deep pressure therapy. Lou thrives with him, keeping Sharif calm and grounded so they can take on the world together as a team.


“We love him and most importantly, how much he loves and can’t wait to see Sharif when he gets off work at night. He puts up with me while Sharif is gone, but the light in his eyes flicks on when he hears the key in the lock. We can’t thank you all enough.  You have made such a difference in building Sharif’s confidence with Lou. After each time you visit I can see the difference.”  ~ Kimberly, Sharif’s mom 

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