Daisy: Facility Dog

Stratford Friends & Daisy

Facility Dog

Daisy was “hired” as a Facility Dog at Stratford Friends School in Newtown Square in August 2022. Stratford Friends educates K-9 students who have language-based learning differences and believes in nurturing students’ strengths, building self-esteem, and developing self-advocacy. We knew from the moment we visited and met the staff there that Daisy would be a perfect fit.

Daisy’s loving nature, intuitive abilities, trained skills, and soft fur give the kids comfort when working through difficult things. Her love of the outdoors encourages kids to go on walks and she utilizes this opportunity to facilitate conflict resolution. She builds bridges, offers support, and helps the entire school.


“Daisy’s presence in the building gives both students and staff a feeling of comfort and happiness during their school day. Since her arrival, we’ve seen students open up, talk more, and feel more relaxed in the classrooms and hallways. There’s no question that Daisy has had an impact on ALL of us at Stratford Friends.”

~ Jill Dougherty, Head of School



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