Success Stories

Kammy: Facility Dog

CAC & Kammy / Facility Dog

Kammy was placed as a Facility Dog in April 2023 at the Children's Alliance Center of Berks County where she supports and comforts children more
Olive: Service Dog

Noa & Olive / Service Dog

Olive was placed as a Service Dog in April 2023 with a young lady named Noa who has Cerebral Palsy and Selective Mutism. Olive helps Noa with mobility more
Daisy: Facility Dog

Stratford Friends & Daisy / Facility Dog

Daisy was “hired” as a Facility Dog at Stratford Friends School in Newtown Square in August 2022. Stratford Friends educates K-9 students who more
Scoop: Facility Dog

AIM Academy & Scoop / Facility Dog

Scoop was placed at AIM Academy in Conshohocken in November 2021. She works there every school day helping kids with many different more
Lou: Service Dog

Sharif & Lou / Service Dog

Lou was placed as a full Service Dog with a young man named Sharif in June 2021. Lou alleviates Sharif’s anxiety both at home and in public by being by his more
Sammi: Service Dog

Cecily & Sammi / Service Dog

Sammi was placed as a full Service Dog with a young woman named Cecily in June 2021. Sammi helps Cecily with mobility and balance by being there for her more
Winni: Companion Dog

Jessica & Winni / Companion Dog

Winni was matched as a Companion Dog with our friend Jessica in April 2021 and they are an incredible duo. Their friendship and love for one more
Rosie: Ambassador Dog

Rosie the P&A Ambassador / Ambassador Dog

Rosie’s temperament, skill set, look, and work ethic made her the perfect candidate to be the first ever Paws and Affection Ambassador. During more
Murphy: Facility Dog

Dr. Lucy Faulconbridge & Murphy / Facility Dog

Murphy was placed as a facility dog with Dr. Lucy Faulconbridge, a Clinical Psychologist in Wayne who treats individuals with more
Chauncey: Companion Dog

Max & Chauncey / Companion Dog

Chauncey was placed with a young boy named Max, who has ADHD, as a companion dog in January 2020. The two of them work together to use Chauncey' more
Louie: Facility Dog

The Sparrow Fund & Louie / Facility Dog

Louie works as a facility dog with his handler Kelly Raudenbush of The Sparrow Fund.  She is a child and family therapist who works with foster more
Maggie: Service Dog

Nina & Maggie / Service Dog

Maggie is matched as a service dog with a young woman named Nina. Nina has narcolepsy and Maggie helps her wake in the night for more
Kelly: Facility Dog

AIM Academy & Kelly / Facility Dog

Kelly was placed at AIM Academy in Conshohocken in March 2017. She worked there every school day helping kids with many different tasks related more