Pup Pledge

Think of all the things you put on your credit card each month. Gas, coffee, groceries, eating out, and so much more. Seeing Paws and Affection as a line item on your statement every month takes the sting out of the total you see at the top of the page because you’re making a difference.

Monthly donations of any amount help us train our dogs and keep things running around here. When you commit to giving a monthly donation you can feel good that you are helping our team all year long.

Pledge Impact

$10/month ~ covers toys, treats, and gear for one dog for 1 year

$20/month ~ covers food for one dog for 6 months

$25/month ~ covers supplies for welcoming a new puppy to our program

$50/month ~ covers health and wellness for one dog for 1 year

Payment options

Sign up to make a monthly gift and join our Puppy Club. 

We look forward to having you as a new member!