A Dog’s Impact

What does a dog from Paws and Affection do? While the dog can open doors in the literal sense, he also opens other doors. A dog from Paws and Affection provides a child with a new level of self confidence and pride. A little girl who was once shy or self-conscious now has someone with whom she can face new situations and something fantastic to talk about – her dog!

A child with a Paws and Affection dog loves to educate people on the things she and her dog do together. She is enthusiastic and eager to explain what the dog helps her with as well as what great friends they are. These interactions increase public awareness and offer the child opportunities to interact with others, often making her feel as if her disability has disappeared.

In addition, parents feel more confident giving their child independence knowing the dog is there to aid her. Thanks to the dog, the parents feel stronger that the child is safe, increasing the feeling of well-being in the home. This decrease in stress allows everyone to experience the happiness, love, and freedom the dog brings – the joy of which is immeasurable.