Dog Scholar Academy

Have you recently added a pup to your family and need help?

Are you about to add a bundle of fluff and want a plan for how to make the process easier and more fun?

Now is the time to consider Dog Scholar Academy!

Getting a dog is wonderful! It is amazing and fun to welcome a furry family member who wants to spend time with us. Dogs love us unconditionally, forgive us for all our mistakes, and never hold a grudge. The greatness of your new dog is something every member of the family can agree on and offers a great topic for conversation.

But new puppies are hard. 

We understand that having a dog is an added responsibility to your already full plate and that when things go wrong it has to be dealt with right now. It can’t wait. These dramatic moments can be disruptive to what is already a stressful life.

Paws and Affection can help.

Training puppies starting at 8 weeks old is our specialty! For our service dogs, we start with the basics of house training and relationship building.

Let us share our knowledge, expertise, and techniques with you!


  • A training school for your new puppy to learn from experienced trainers five days a week, eight hours per day.
  • An opportunity for your new pup to spend their days working and learning alongside service dogs in training so they come away with top notch manners and skills.
  • A resource for YOU, as a new puppy parent, to learn and understand all things puppy!
  • A helping hand to get through the early period of dog ownership – potty training, nipping, jumping, and more!
  • A chance to get set up for success moving forward in life with your new family member.
  • A way to support the P&A organization. All of the proceeds from the Academy go directly toward helping the P&A pups grow, thrive, and learn, empowering them to become service and facility dogs for children who need them in the greater Philadelphia area. 


  • We teach YOU how to teach your dog what to do. 
  • We teach you to talk to your dog using comfortable conversation. 
  • We help you cultivate a great relationship with your dog without trying to make you a professional dog trainer. 
  • We help you integrate your dog into your family.


  • We believe puppies raised with love, respect, and socialization make the happiest dogs. 
  • Building a strong bond and ASKING them to do things instead of TELLING is most effective.
  • We take full responsibility for anything our dogs do that wasn’t what we wanted. 
  • If our dog doesn’t respond to what we are asking, it is our responsibility to ask differently. 
  • Our dogs are living creatures with their own thoughts and preferences. 
  • We give our dogs control over their bodies and actions, resulting in more confident dogs.

To learn more, check out the program and tuition, the curriculum, and frequently asked questions.

If you are interested in enrolling your puppy, you can Apply Here.