Dog Scholar Academy Curriculum

Take a look at the curriculum covered while your pup is with us:

Bonding and building your relationship

A strong relationship is the key to success. Once you have a dog that cares about you and knows you care about them anything is possible!

  • Learn how to share a snack with your dog.
  • Learn how to get your dog to focus on you.
  • Learn how to get your dog to copy you.

Needed Supplies

Let us help you navigate the billion dollar industry of pet supplies and share what you do and DON’T need when you bring a new puppy home.

Potty Training/Crate Training

In order for a dog to live in your house without you losing your mind, they have to learn to go potty outside – it’s a deal breaker. 

  • We are consistent, proactive, and patient while teaching your dog to potty outside.
  • We help your dog love the crate so it is a happy place and an effective tool.

Puppy Nipping

Puppies don’t have thumbs so they explore the world with their mouths. It is how they learn and gather information. However, their teeth are razor sharp and it hurts when they try to learn about you with those little needle teeth.

  • We teach your dog to bite appropriate items and not humans.
  • We teach your dog to “Trade” for acceptable items
  • We teach your dog what “Gentle” and “Ouch” mean so they understand when they’ve made a mistake
  • We teach your family members (especially little ones) how to prevent your dog from biting them.

Puppy Jumping

Jumping is a rude behavior and can become a bad habit. If your dog is a small breed, it is still not something you want – not all guests like dog paws on them. If your dog is small now, but will grow up to be big, it is imperative that jumping is not an acceptable choice.

  • We meet your dogs where they are and give them what they need. 
  • We set your dog up for success and prevent jumping rather than addressing it after the fact.


New puppies need to experience the world in a positive and happy way so they don’t show signs of fear later. They need to know from the very beginning that you are there for them and you want their lives to be filled with joy.

  • We expose your pup to sights and sounds in the world in small increments and without fear. 
  • We build confidence in your dog and give them choices.
  • We introduce them to household objects, new people, and other animals.

Exercise and Enrichment

A tired dog is a good dog, and we think you will agree. 

  • We play fun games (that you can also play) with your dog during the day to stimulate and tire both their body and their brain.
  • We use your dog’s desire to sniff and chew to keep their brain busy and their body healthy.

Loose Leash Walking

One of the most fun things you can do with your dog is go for a walk. It gets you outside breathing the fresh air, moving your bodies through space and time, and it is a HUGE relationship builder! But it’s only fun if you are both enjoying it. 

  • We teach your dog to choose to walk beside you rather than pulling or putting on the brakes. 
  • We teach your dog not to jump on others they see on your walk.
  • We teach your dog to check in with you along the way to show they are enjoying your time together.
  • We let your dog have a choice in the route they take so they feel like part of your team.

Offering Choice

If your dog knows they have a choice and that you will still love them no matter which choice they make, you can’t lose. 

  • We ASK your dog to do things rather than TELLING them.
  • Instead of saying NO, we give them something else to do. 
  • We teach your dog to answer No/Yes questions to make them active participants in their learning process.

Handling and Grooming

Regardless of the type of hair your dog has, grooming is important to their health and it’s also a great bonding exercise! 

  • We introduce and practice using tools without causing fear or worry in your dog.
  • We touch your dog from snout to tail so they get used to being handled at an early age which ensures good health, successful vet and groomer visits, and clean paws after the rain.

To learn more, check out the program and tuition and frequently asked questions.

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