Companion Dogs

Paws and Affection companion dogs are highly trained dogs who assist their child partners with the same skills as service dogs, but they do not have public access. These dogs instead act as home helpmates, performing tasks around the house, empowering their child partners with independence and giving them a sense of ownership. For families who do not want the responsibility of handling a dog in public or maintaining public access training, a companion dog is a wonderful alternative. 

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Some of the skills companion dogs are trained to do in the home include, but are not limited to:

Opening doors

Turning on light switches

Retrieving various items

Getting help

Light balance and mobility assistance

Help with dressing and undressing

Deep pressure therapy

Alerting to panic attacks

Offering a calming presence during homework and bedtime

Learn more about what one of our companion dogs is doing to help.


In addition to companion dogs, Paws and Affection also trains service dogs and facility dogs.