Community Programs

The Paws & Affection team brings service dogs in-training to your school/organization/group for an educational and interactive learning experience. Read more about the programs we offer below.

*Note: We do not bring our dogs to events or gatherings for stress relief or emotional support.*

Community K9 Presentation

We bring a dog into a school classroom or organizational meeting to talk to small groups (usually children) about:

  • Disability awareness
  • The role of service dogs in our community
  • Demonstration of what our dogs can do

Laura and Wheeler at Friends School Haverford

Louie at Rooted Kinections

Disability Awareness Presentation

We meet with a small group (maximum of 12 people) to talk about the importance of disability awareness, inclusion, and ableism. This is an interactive presentation where we discuss: 

  • What is a disability?
  • How do we TALK about disabilities?
  • Person First Language
  • Living with a disability

Service Dogs and The Law Presentation

Through a google slideshow we explain the laws surrounding service dogs and the rights and obligations of business owners in the community.  

We cover:

  • The importance of service dogs and how they help those with disabilities
  • Comparison of Service Dogs vs. Emotional Support Animals (ESA) vs. Therapy Dogs
  • Service Dogs and the law and the rights of business as public institutions. 
  • How to handle customer issues

Rosie at the PA Library Association Conference

Laura and Olive at The Haverford School

Bond Based Training Approach Introduction

The Paws and Affection approach to teaching our team of dogs in training is different from that of other programs and a change from our own methods in the past. We believe strongly that the bond between dog and person, along with body language and tone of voice, are what matter most and get the best results when working with a dog.

During this presentation we:

  • Introduce the psychology and science behind the approach 
  • Demonstrate and share the exercises we use to teach our dogs the foundation skills needed to become service dogs

*Our presentations are tailored to every group’s unique needs and age-range. These presentations are all 1 hour in duration and have a cost of $150. If the travel distance is 30 minutes or less there is no additional charge, but if it is between 31 and 60 minutes there will be an additional $50 charge. We do not travel more than 60 minutes to a destination.

To inquire about scheduling a program, please contact