Our Mission

Paws and Affection is a nonprofit 501c3 with the mission to train service, facility, and companion dogs for young people who have a range of disabilities in the greater Philadelphia area and to educate the public about service dogs and their role in the community. Our goal is to empower these children with independence and confidence by matching them with amazing dogs.

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golden retriever puppies with tongues out

Who We Are

We believe puppies raised with love, reward-based training, and a heavy dose of socialization early on make the happiest, most capable service dogs. Our puppies come to us during a critical socialization period and we immediately begin exposing them to the world in a positive way.

Child in wheelchair with service dog

Our Dogs

What does a service dog from Paws and Affection do?  While the dog opens doors in the literal sense, he also opens other doors.  A service dog from Paws and Affection provides a child with a new level of self confidence and pride.

young women handler with facility dog at aim academy


The first step to applying for a Paws and Affection dog is to read the below criteria and eligibility requirements. If you (or your child) meet these requirements and are interested in applying for a Paws and Affection dog please call the phone number below to discuss the application process with us further.

community k9 presentation

Community Programs

Paws and Affection Community K9 programs bring education and knowledge about service dogs, disabilities, and general dog behavior to our community. Read below for more information about our two Community K9 programs.

Support Us

Our current funding comes from private donors and foundations. Our donors and support system are what keep Paws and Affection moving everyday. We couldn’t do any of this without them and our appreciation is tremendous. If you would like to make a donation, making a difference takes just a few clicks via Paypal or you can send a check to us directly.

All donations are tax deductible.

Success Stories

Read how our dogs are making an impact on the young people in their lives…read more

Lou: Service Dog
Sharif and Lou

Service Dog

Lou was placed as a full Service Dog with a young man named Sharif in June 2021. Lou alleviates Sharif’s anxiety both at home and in public by being by his side...read more
Sammi: Service Dog
Cecily & Sammi

Service Dog

Sammi was placed as a full Service Dog with a young woman named Cecily in June 2021. Sammi helps Cecily with mobility and balance by being there for her to...read more
Winni: Companion Dog
Jessica & Winni

Companion Dog

Winni was matched as a Companion Dog with our friend Jessica in April 2021 and they are an incredible duo. Their friendship and love for one another helps them...read more
Rosie: Ambassador Dog
Rosie the P&A Ambassador

Ambassador Dog

Rosie’s temperament, skill set, look, and work ethic made her the perfect candidate to be the first ever Paws and Affection Ambassador. During COVID...read more
Murphy: Facility Dog
Dr. Lucy Faulconbridge & Murphy

Facility Dog

Murphy was placed as a facility dog with Dr. Lucy Faulconbridge, a Clinical Psychologist in Wayne who treats individuals with weight and eating...read more
Chauncey: Companion Dog
Max & Chauncey

Companion Dog

Chauncey was placed with a young boy named Max, who has ADHD, as a companion dog in January 2020. The two of them work together to use Chauncey's...read more
Louie: Facility Dog
The Sparrow Fund & Louie

Facility Dog

Louie works as a facility dog with his handler Kelly Raudenbush of The Sparrow Fund.  She is a child and family therapist who works with foster and adopted...read more
Maggie: Service Dog
Nina & Maggie

Service Dog

Maggie is matched as a service dog with a young woman named Nina. Nina has narcolepsy and Maggie helps her wake in the night for medication...read more
Kelly: Facility Dog
AIM Academy & Kelly

Facility Dog

Kelly was placed at AIM Academy in Conshohocken in March 2017. She works there every school day helping kids with many different tasks related to learning...read more
Nikki: Companion Dog
Nikki & Her Little Girl

Companion Dog

Nikki worked as a companion dog for a young girl with anxiety and depression. Upon their first meeting, there was a clear spark between them...read more