Michaela Greif

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Michaela Greif


Michaela Greif, MSW, CPDT, is a service dog trainer with Paws & Affection. She is also the owner of Noble Hound Training, a Philadelphia-based pet dog training and behavior company.  

Michaela decided to become a dog trainer following many years of volunteering and fostering dogs for shelter and rescue organizations. She attended a full-time program in service dog training at Bergin University for Canine Studies in Northern California. At Bergin, she was immersed in all aspects of service dog training and participated in programming that introduced dog training to adolescents in the foster care and juvenile detention systems. Upon returning to Philadelphia, Michaela completed a Masters in Social Work at UPenn and worked in a variety of clinical mental health settings before returning to full-time dog training. She has continued to combine her interests in the welfare of people and animals, creating a PTSD service dog training curriculum for a prison program, working with formerly homeless teens in a volunteer program at animal shelters, and originating the Community K9 education program at Paws and Affection.

Michaela continues to expand her knowledge and experience through dog training workshops and seminars. She is thrilled to be a part of the Paws & Affection team, which is the best learning experience of them all!