Susie Daily

Susie Daily head shot

Susie Daily

Program Director and Head Trainer

Susie Daily is the Head Trainer and Program Director at Paws and Affection.  She created and maintains the training program for the dogs as well as the education programs for the foster families and recipients. She spends her days teaching the pups new skills, taking them on socialization adventures, and working with Executive Director, Laura O’Kane reviewing applications, creating marketing materials, and planning for the future.

Prior to working at P&A, Susie was the lead trainer for a prominent dog training company on the Main Line. While  there she:

  • Wrote and taught 11 different group class curricula ranging from New Puppy Training to Therapy Dog Training to Tricks and Agility.
  • Offered in-home private training sessions and behavior consultations
  • Helped families create behavior modification plans to improve their relationships with their dogs.

Susie is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and a Professional Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT).

Susie earned her Pat Miller Certified Dog Trainer (PMCT1) certification and has attended 3 Pat Miller Dog Training Academies. She was invited back to the academy as an assistant to Pat Miller for a Reactive Dogs workshop.

In 2008 Susie completed her B.A. in Psychology at Arcadia University with a focus on Animal Behavior. She studied the principles of learning theory and the intricacies of science-based training. She used this knowledge base to write her thesis discussing the benefits of training animals using positive-reinforcement based techniques vs. punishment-based ones.

While in school Susie completed a service dog focused internship at Canine Partners for Life in Cochranville, PA. She experienced first hand the efficacy of positive-reinforcement based training and the joy and freedom well-trained service dogs can bring to people with disabilities.

Susie lives in Philadelphia with her husband, Andy, and their three dogs; two pit bulls (Monkey and Beans), and a Rottweiler (Ludo). When she’s not training dogs she enjoys staying active and is an avid horseback rider.