Exercise Coordinator Position

Paws and Affection is looking for an Exercise Coordinator Monday – Friday from 10am – 1pm to exercise our team of dogs-in-training both on site and at their foster homes.

Providing our dogs the physical and mental stimulation they need is a very important role in our organization.


Job Description:

  • Offer dogs one-on-one exercise in the yard through play (e.g., fetch, tug, etc.).
  • Facilitate dog-dog play between 2-4 dogs.
  • Leash walk dogs at a pace that gets their heart rate up while positively reinforcing them for walking politely on a loose leash.
  • Visit dogs at foster homes and offer one-on-one playtime and/or walks.
  • Provide maintenance training with each dog as needed (e.g., reinforcing waiting at doorways, loose leash walking, polite sitting, ignoring other dogs and people, etc.).



  • Experience walking dogs; experience training loose leash walking preferred.
  • Experience managing inter-dog play.
  • Able to be physically active for 2-3 hours.
  • Experience with positive reinforcement dog training or an interest in learning.
  • Valid driver’s license and use of a vehicle in which you can safely transport dogs during shift.


Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to